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8 Business Types That Are Thriving During the Pandemic

pandemic proof businesses

From her spare bedroom, she launched a jewelry-making business with only $500 in 2002. The business has survived the Great Recession (her first store opened in 2010) and the pandemic. In fact, the Kendra Scott brand now operates more than 115 stores and is valued at more than $1 billion. “In my 20-plus years in this industry, it’s known that we are the first durable goods retailer to experience a decline in sales during a recession,” says Werner.

Industries in this quadrant had a high demand for credit and are better positioned to benefit from access to additional capital. These industries include Finance and Insurance; Retail Trade; Administrative and Support; and Waste Management and Remediation Services. • A low percentage means that businesses in a particular industry are recovering poorly from the pandemic. • A high percentage means that businesses in a particular industry are recovering well from the pandemic. Opening an online bakery allows you to monetize your skills and at income from doing something you enjoy.

Future-Proofing Your Organization

If you have a background in marketing, you can launch a digital marketing agency that offers content strategy, social media, SEO services, paid and targeted advertising, analytics, web design, consulting and more. To be successful with this kind of business, you need to have great product offerings in your inventory. Stock up on pet food and grooming products that your target customer base will buy.

pandemic proof businesses

The last few years have demonstrated the power of uncertainty and its ability to either crumble businesses or create growth opportunities. The first six months of the pandemic saw 23% more businesses closing than average, based on research from Yelp. Business owners across industries recognized the need to future-proof if they want to survive the next catastrophe. Only 25% of companies survive 15 years, according https://www.bookstime.com/articles/c-corporation to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also, be proactive with your sales and marketing strategies and try new ways to run the business effectively and make it pandemic-resilient, like working from home or fortifying your online store or online presence. An online pet supplies store is a good pandemic-proof business idea because pet owners will still buy pet essentials even during an economic or health crisis.

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The surge reflects the current appeal of gaming for physical and psychological reasons; but also a wider uptick in gaming over recent years. Last year alone, the global games pandemic proof businesses market grew more than 7% to generate revenues of $148.8 billion. “In recent times, with the whole COVID situation, we could see gamer activity just skyrocket,” said Tan.

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