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Back on Campus? Here’s How College Students Can Get a Date on Bumble

Back on Campus? Here’s How College Students Can Get a Date on Bumble

Now that everyone is back from their internships and study abroad programs, campus is busy once again. A new semester means exciting events, spontaneous nights out, and best of all, lots of opportunities to connect with new people. But it also means chaotic schedules and changing priorities. Luckily, Bumble can help with that. Keep reading to see how you can make the most of Bumble and find your next campus crush.

Refresh your profile

The best place to start is your own Bumble profile. Revisit it and make sure it still showcases your authentic self and the kind of experiences you want to have this semester. Maybe you were looking for a summer fling and now you want something more serious ahead of cuffing season. Or maybe you just want to find a date for homecoming. If there’s anything you want to change, hit the “Edit profile” or “Complete my profile” button and tweak it so it best reflects who you are.

You can update your bio, photos, Badges, and Profile Prompts. Each of these Bumble features can be used to share a little bit more about your lifestyle-like whether you prefer study dates, happy hours, or hitting up the local siteyi Г§ek thrift store. Taking the time to fine-tune your profile can help to draw in the people you’ll get along with best. (More advice on how to update your Bumble profile here.)

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