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I accept our relationship was not perfect but I could not work on what he wasn’t telling me

I accept our relationship was not perfect but I could not work on what he wasn’t telling me

This is a man who I seriously love m, how do I get past his awful harshness and lack of care and respect and even begin to be happy with him?

He is sick. I am far from perfect and I own that, but he is sick. I will not accept this is my fault. Someone please tell me I am not crazy.

You are not crazy. I am currently going through the same exact thing and it does suck. It makes it worse when kids are involved and they’re choosing to be with their wh*** over family.

I love begged him for us to be partners to one another, be united

You are not crazy. I’m sorry you are going through this. My husband cheated on me after 22 years of marriage and two children. I can empathize. He cheated. It was a conscious decision. That hurts and keeps hurting. It’s my experience that it mostly comes down to communication problems. He didn’t tell you what needs weren’t being met. How can you fix something wrong if you don’t know about it. I felt blindsided too. I grieved for the loss of what I thought we had. We have since reconciled but it’s still hard knowing that he cheated. It’s been 10 months and I still cry about it sometimes (no longer in front of him though). Now, I can look at him and feel happy. For a while, all I could think about was the affair. It’s ok to be mad, sad, devastated, anything at all. You will be ok. Take care of yourself. Find things and people that make you happy. Best wishes to a minha empresa you moving forward.

Jennifer What did you do to gain the happiness back and even look at your husband with happy eyes again after being hurt? All my husband says is “How long are you going to be hurt or in pain”? No care at all for the pain he has caused for many many years. When I have said I am trying to get through the pain, his response is “Don’t push through it, get over it”!

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