This service, which isn’t offered on many dating sites, comes free of charge with premium membership

This service, which isn’t offered on many dating sites, comes free of charge with premium membership

Lesbian Personals Online Review

Lesbian Personals Online is a site that advertises its sole focus as helping single lesbian and bisexual women find love, affection, happiness, friendship and sex online, across the world. Lesbian Personals Online prides itself on providing a safe, secure and comfortable environment in which to look for love online – something that is a trademark of the Tango Wire Network which powers Lesbian Personals Online. Tango Wire is one of the most successful online dating franchises in the world, powering more than 30 online dating sites (each tailored towards a different niche audience).

There is a catch however, and we feel it’s important that our readers are aware of this before they sign up to a long term subscription. Although all of the Tango Wire sites claim to be aimed a different niche audience (with a specific interest, such as black dating, gay dating, senior dating etc.), all of the sites in fact share the same membership base, with all members of the Tango Wire network being able to access and view profiles from any one of the 30 niche sites ran by Tango Wire. Thus, unlike most of the sites we have reviewed in this category, Lesbian Personals Online is not a women-only site, but instead is open for access by all members of the network. Whilst search results can be filtered by specific interest in order to exclude those who you do not want to show up (and some users may be pleased by the greater audience through which to search), many of our readers may feel, as we do, that this detracts from the safe and unprejudiced ‘lesbian-friendly’ atmosphere that the site claims to create.

With that said, there are a number of good things about Lesbian Personals Online, not least the range of features it offers users. Users can create excellent, high-quality photo profiles and upload as many photos of themselves as they wish. One of the most innovative services on the site was the capacity for users, who may not have digital photos of themselves, to send in regular printed photos and have them scanned in for uploading on the site. Another great service offered to users is the ability to have messages translated (with a reasonable level of accuracy, given that it is done through an automated program) automatically, if users are chatting with members from another country. Users can contact other users through the in-house email service, or through flirts or pokes. Users can also manage their interactions with others by updating a number of lists – a friends list, a favorites list and a block list. Whilst this is not particularly unique, it is executed particularly well klicka nu on Lesbian Personals Online. We were a little disappointed that Lesbian Personals Online did not offer users the opportunity to chat ‘real time’ with other users through an instant messaging client, especially given the fact that Tango Wire is such a leader in the online dating market.

Lesbian Personals Online Reviews

While Lesbian Personals Online is by no means a bad dating site, we do think it’s a touch misleading to describe the site as a ‘lesbian dating site’ as clearly, once users get beyond the home screen, the features offered and membership of the site is no different to any other site in the Tango Wire Network. Given the subscription fee, which we think is a little expensive given the lack of instant messaging service, we think many of our readers will prefer to sign up to a lesbian-specific site. If you’d like to check out Lesbian Personals Online, and maybe try it out with a free trial membership, hit the link below.

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